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You must have probably been trying to get your splits, for a while now,

and you feel frustrated, not knowing what you are doing wrong.

Well, the thing is no one really knows if they are doing anything wrong or right when it comes to getting your splits.

You may get frustrated, and I know because i have been there,

and seeing videos of people getting their splits in a week or in two weeks makes you question yourself.

The thing is everyone is different, and sometimes those videos are not true.

Now, i’m not saying that someone can’t get their splits in two weeks, I’m saying that they tend to be unrealistic,

Especially for someone who is very inflexible, and can’t get their hands, or tthe tips of their fingers to touch the ground.

Now, let me tell you that you might be doing some things that may hold you from getting your splits,

and when you get it, it might take longer than usual.

It is just a few mistakes, and those mistakes are so small that you might not even notice, butI am going to bring some of thise mistakes to life.

There are a few things to avoid when getting your splits, but I will list 5 of the most common ones,

that people tend to not notice.

Some of these things to avoid when getting your splits may not apply to everyone, but it will aplly to the majority of you.


I will first list out these 5 things as follows:

1) Poor or Incorrect Form

2) Not having a Well detailed plan

3) Setting unrealistic Goals

4) Letting someone push you deeper into the splits

5) Not having some form of support

These things to avoid when getting your splits might seem small, but they carry on a heavy weight,

heavier than you would even know.


This is the top of the list, because having a poor form will keep you from getting your splits, quicker than you should,

and it might also cause injury or muscle strain.

Keeping a proper poster on your stretches, and in different poses, will help target those muscles,

giving you a deeper stretch and getting you closer to the ground.

It is important to know the proper form for each of the stretches you practice and know your limit.

So take your time to understand the form of each pose before going into it.

And you will notice the change in position and you will get deeper into your stretches.


‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

That cliche quote never seemed so true.

If you dont have a well detailed plan, on what exercises you will do, how long you will do it, and what day,

You will notice yourself just going through your stretch routine without a beinning or an end, and even an aim.

Take out time, get a workout calendar, plan your workout, the duration, and the days you want to do them.

Then get on your mat and follow your plan.

Not only will you be diligent in your work, but you will get better at your stretches and be more efficient.

Don’t forget to include rest days, because those ones are just as important, or even more important than the stretch itself.

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Remeber at the beginning where I said that when stretching, or especially when you are starting out,

you will see a lot of videos showing you how you can getyour splits in one week, two weeks, or even 1 day.

I know because I see a lot of these online all the time.

Now I am not saying this to bash them, or call them out for lying, (even though some are), but I am saying that these tend to be unrealistic.

How exactly, does an inflexible person achieve a middle split in 1 day?

When you follow these trends, you put yourself, in a very bad position.

Setting unrealistic goals, doesn’t let you focus on the main point at hand, and your mind diverts to just thinking that you have to get your splits in one week.

Everyone’s body is different, and we can’t all get our splits in 1 day, or 1 week.

It is going to be a slow progress, and it takes time and effort.

Me, for example, got my splits in 6months, and then my left splits in 7 months, because my left side is my weak side.

Dont set crazy unrealistic goals for yourself, but make it real, and let it flow according to your body’s flexibility.


Of all the things to avoid when getting your splits, this is one of the most important.

I myself was a victim of this, because I remember telling my little sister, to push my leg further into the splits, and immediately regretting it.

It was after she pushed me further that I got back up regretting my decision immediately.

Getting your splits is a slow progress, and you have to let your body adapt to the changes.

And going father than your body should, will do more good than harm to you, and you may get tired of it and give up before you reach your goal.

So, Note that, you should not tell someone to force you down or pull you forward than your body can take.


Having something to support you as you practice is very important, and it will help you perfect your form.

By support, I mean having something like a yoga block, or a wheel (especially with backbends),

to place your hands on for the extra leverage.

You might not feel it is important, but as a beginner, having a little support to steady yourself will go a long way.

Yoga block also helps with backbends, and keeping your legs from flaring apart.

So I recommend you make a good investment in your form, and it will help you later on as you progress.

And that is that.

These are the 5 things you should avoid when getting your splits. There are certainly more than 5 things there,

But I brought out these 5, because I did it all and learnt from my mistakes.

So you dont have to make these mistakes, but simply learn from mine.

To assist you in getting your splits and hamstring flexibility,

Here is a well detailed post with instructions, on how to achieve leg flexibility, and different exercises to achieve leg flexibility.

Did these help you and do you see yourself making similar mistakes or more?

Let me know in the comments below!

Share this with a friend or family member. If it helped you, I’m sure they will benefit from it too.

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