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Flexible shoulders are a must have in your flexibility routine, and having some shoulder mobility workout in your routine is just right.

In areas like backbends, handstands and elbow stands, having a good amount of flexibility in your shoulders,

will give you more power to hold poses.

In something like a handstand, you need shoulder mobility so you can push upwards, and keep your body in a straight line,

Not leaning into the shoulders.

This post will give you a breakdown of 7 shoulder mobility workout, which I use to keep my shoulders flexed,

And strong enough to do more advanced tricks and poses.

Without going far, here are the 7 shoulder mobility workout I highly recommend to open your shoulders.

shoulder workout routine for flexibility


  1. Shoulder Rools
  2. Arm Circles
  3. Hand Swings
  4. Standing Shoulder Rotation
  5. Lying Shoulder Rotation
  6. Lying Shoulder Holds
  7. Tricep Shoulder Stretch

These shoulder mobility workout will really open up your shoulders, and also relieve pain in your shoulder,

that may occur as a result of stiff shoulders.

These workout will help with the rotation in your shoulders.

Some of these workouts require the help of either a rope or a resistance band,

but I will signify whichever workout it will be needed, and how to use it.


This is a good starting point, and a nice warmup for your shoulders, to get them ready for the more intense rotations.

All you need to do, is to stay in a standing position,with your hands by your side,

and start moving your shoulders, rotating them forward three times, and backward, three times.

These warmup rotation gets your shoulders accustomed to rotations.

I recommend you start with this in your shoulder routine.



After the shoulder rolls, come the hand circles.

During the arm circles, you might hear slight cracks in your shoulders.

Don’t be alarmed. It is just your shoulders getting used to the movement.

The more often you do them, the least you hear any cracks, and easier it will be to do more rotations in a short time.

All this requires, is standing with your arm outstretched,

and moving them in a clockwise direction five times, and in an anti-clockwise direction five times.

Make sure you move them at your own pace, and not fast,

especially if it is your first time, so you will not hurt yourself and your shoulders.



Hand swings are done in a bent wide-legged forward fold position, and the key to this shoulder mobility workout is not to think about it.


You just have to leg your hands go loose and swing away.

If you try to control how your hand moves, you will not get the entire benefits of the workout.

So, don’t think about it when doing it.


  • Start in a wide legged forward fold position.
  • With your hands down to the ground, swing one arm freely all the way to your back and leg it come down on its own.
  • Do the same t the other hand, swinging all the way, as much as your hand can go behind you.
  • Remember the key, is to not think about it or try to control your hands.
  • Do this for 5 times on each hand



Now, this is one of the shoulder mobility workouts, which require you to have a rope, or a resistance band with you.

I sugest getting a resistance band, so you can expand and contract it as you would like.


  • Begin in a standing position, with legs fairly apart.
  • With the band in your hands, hold your hands straight in front of you, holding the band shoulder-width apart.
  • Now, without moving your body, simply rotate your arms holding the band, all the way to your back.
  • Rotate back to the starting position.
  • When rotating, suck your stomach in, and release as your hand falls, to maintain a good posture.

A lot of people, when starting may not be able to rotate their arms all the way back,

and that is fine.

Wherever you can go, even if your hands can only move and stop above your head, simply rotate back down.

With time and practice, you will be able to do a full rotation all the way back and forward.



Just like the standing rotation, the only difference is that you have to lie on your stomach,

with your hands stretched in front of you, holding the band, and rotating all the back and forward.

This may be harder for some people, so i suggest you practice the standing rotations first,

before moving to the lying rotations.

Lying rotations also work the upperbody, so you need a good amount amount of flexibility in your shoulders to attempt this one.



While laying on your belly, all this pose entails is:

  • Holding your hands outstretched in front of you with the band in hand.
  • With your face looking to the floor, raise your hands about 2 inches and hold.
  • This pose challenges your shoulders, triceps and upper body.
  • Hold for 3 sets of 10 seconds each.

The burn in your shoulders after this will be amazing.



I picked this last, because a nice tricep shoulder stretch is a good way to relax your shoulders are a mobility workout.

It is fairly easy to do, and targets both your triceps and your shoulders in one stretch.


  • Start by standing, legs apart or together, how you prefer.
  • Raise one hand, and bend it backwards, over your head in an angled position
  • Use your other hand to push your elbow down, so you can feel the stretch out your elbow
  • Push as far as you can, but not too much.
  • Do the same to the other shoulder.
  • Hold each stretch for 10 secinds before release.

And that’s a wrap!

7 Shoulder mobility workouts, which you can start practicing today, to give you flexible shoulders,

so you can do your tricks and movement with ease.

These workouts can be used by beginners, or even advanced trainers, as there is no specification,

on who can and cannot do these exercises.

Add this to your routine and keep practicing to keep those shoulders flexible and moving.

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