Semrush Review: Is it Worth it for your SEO efforts or not?

semrush review: why should you use semrush for your business
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Are you a blogger, a small business owner, a corporation, or an online store, and looking for ways to get more traction to your website through SEO
but don’t know how to start, then using an SEO (Search engine Optimization) tool such as semrush can be a great help for you?
So, why should you use an SEO tool?
With the fast growth in technology and as businesses leverage the internet, it has become very important for businesses,
To use search engines to increase their leads and revenue, and what better way of doing that than by using the giant itself, Google.
And to get enough traction, you need to focus on your SEO efforts.
So what if you don’t know how to improve your SEO? That’s where you need tools to help with that.
And the tool which I use, and recommend is Semrush.
Semrush is a tool that helps you improve your rankings in search results, through keywords, link building, on-page, and technical SEO,
and also keep track of how your SEO efforts are doing so much more.
The reason why semrush is a great tool is, though it doesn’t give you the metrics that Google uses, (because Google’s algorithm is a trade secret), it gives you a rough estimate to work with,
And that rough estimate is what you need for your SEO efforts.
I use semrush, and in this review, I’ll be showing some reasons why you should invest in SEO tools for your business, and why semrush is a tool your blog, business, or online store needs.





When you want to create content that answers your users’ or buyer’s queries and also to rank, you need to do some keyword research.
Sure when you search for a word on Google, Google gives you a drop-down of some phrases which have also been searched for,
And if you click on any, you will see related searches and a frequently asked questions section. This is all great, but you need to understand the keyword you want to rank for,
And what it will take for you to get your content ranking.
This is where semrush comes in. You can search for any keyword that relates to your business into the keyword overview section,
And you will get a rundown of the keyword. Beneath it, you will see the performance of such keywords,
The keyword difficulty (an indication of the competition for the organic search positions),
the Cost per Click or CPC of the keyword, the search volume, and more.
You will also look at the sections for related keywords, keyword variations, and questions relating to that keyword.
Using Semrush, you get to do some in-depth keyword research and find keywords to rank for through your content.
example of keyword research tool by semrush
Keyword research using semrush keyword analyzer


Ever met someone who brags about how great their website is, how they get loads of traffic and that they have a high authority score?
You are wondering if it is true, and want to see the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of their website.
Well, semrush lets you do that. Plug in the name of the website, and uncover their deep dark secrets.
When you use semrush to spy on your competitors, you get to see how they measure in the google rankings,
Their volume of traffic, the keywords they rank for, the number of links to their website, and so much more.
Semrush lets you see these metrics to understand what your competitor may or may not be doing and capitalize on it.
Now, don’t get so obsessed with checking people’s websites, (though that can be fun) but focus on strategically looking at the websites,
And understanding what they may be missing, so you can use that to your advantage, and move your content higher up in the rankings.
Here is how it looks spying on your competitiors
reviews on semrush. Is semrush worth it or not
Spying on your competition using semrush

a detailed review on semrush seo tool

overview of semrush



Now, instead of looking at a different site all the time, why don’t you have a look at what your site is up to?
Chances are you may not even know, and this is why I got this review for you to go through.
Look at your website. How is it performing? If you don’t like it, then it’s time you do something about it.
You will see the level of organic traffic you are getting, the backlinks to your website, your position in the google search, and more.
Integrating your website into semrush and letting it run through your website, will help you uncover what is going on behind.
You can also integrate your google analytics, and google search console into semrush to have a big overview of your site,
All in your semrush dashboard. And speaking of your dashboard, here are a few things that you can see in your dashboard about your site:
  • · Domain Analytics
    • Authority score
    • Level of organic traffic
    • Organic keywords
    • Paid keywords
    • Referring domain
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Pageviews
  • Backlink Audit
  • Google search console and more
There is so much when it comes to your semrush dashboard and understanding what happens within your site,
That it’s hard to ignore.


This is one feature I love about semrush, and I’m sure you will too. When their system looks through your website’s content,
They can give you ideas on how to improve your on-page SEO, increase page speed, embed a video,
Use certain phrases throughout your post, sites where you can get backlinks, and much more.
They do this to give you ideas and ways of optimizing your posts, and content,
for better search ranking results and better organic traffic to your site.
Not only do they give you ideas to improve your on-page SEO, but they also give you…
ideas to improve your content using semrush seo tools
Ideas for improving your on page seo using semrush


Yes, not only do you get ideas to improve your content, but you can also get a content writing template for any new piece of content you want to create.
The template is super easy to follow, and it guides you on optimizing your site’s content for better ranking results.
Yet, to use the content template more than once, you have to subscribe to the Guru plan.
If it’s not your thing, then the Pro plan will be great for you (I use the pro plan because it has everything I need for my business)
Here is an example of what the content writing template looks like:
example of content writing template by semrush
example of content writing template by semrush 


Although isn’t a part of their SEO tools, I figured I put it in here, especially if you are new to the SEO space and need some guidance.
They have an academy, where they teach courses on SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, link building, and more.
They even have a course where they show you how to use semrush tools to get the most out of your efforts.
The courses also come with certifications (so, hey, a new addition to your skills set and CV right)
I recommend you take some courses in the academy to give you a head start first before diving in.
The courses are 100% free, and they are short and easy to assimilate. I’ve taken some and learned so much.
You want to improve your SEO right? Then you need to learn, improve and adapt at all times.
You can access the academy and courses here and take advantage of free education.


What if you don’t have time to be checking your semrush dashboard like a maniac?
What do you do then? Simple.
Automate your site, to receive weekly updates from semrush on your SEO efforts. Yes, semrush can send you weekly updates on your websites activities,
And if it is improving or not. You have to automate it so you can receive these emails.
Doing this creates more time for yourself to focus on what you need to do on your website to increase its rankings.
I set my website to receive weekly updates on my link-building efforts on my site, so I can see how I’m doing and what I can improve on.


Ok, so I’ve been talking about using semrush for your business or blog (that’s what this review is about right?)
But what if I tell you that you can use semrush to manage different projects for your different clients or different websites.
Yes, you can create projects for different websites, and track their performance.
So, if you are an SEO manager, and work with different clients, semrush is a great tool for keeping track of all their websites,
Understanding how to improve on each website, and even create reports on the performance of each.
To make it even better, you can share the reports you want to show your clients, and they can see how their websites are performing.
So this is a great tool for freelance SEO managers as well. It has such a great interface and lets you work on many projects.
So, this semrush review is on showing you that using an SEO tool for your website can be such a great asset,
For you and your business, and if you want to improve on your google rankings and focus on your SEO, you need to understand how your site is performing.
Besides, you cannot improve on what you cannot measure.


Semrush is such a great tool for you as a blogger or business owner to focus on your SEO efforts,
To rank in the search results and for your specified keywords on Google. Besides what I have mentioned above, there are still so many things semrush offers,
And if I start to write them all down in this post, this post will look more like an e-book than an actual blog post.
I use semrush for my blog, and it has been such a great tool for me and my business, and I hope you enjoy using this tool as much as I do.
I hope this semrush review has given you all you need to take that big leap into your business efforts and reach more people.
And remember, that you can get to use semrush for free for 7 days. Look around semrush, use it for seven days and see how beneficial this SEO tool can be for you.
For more tools and resources to help you run a successful blog and business, check out my list of recommended resources to help you scale your blog in addition to this semrush review.

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