10 small ways to make your home luxurious and Beautiful

ways to make your home luxurious
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Looking for ways to make your home luxurious and make your home your paradise, doesn’t have to be or feel like a chore.

It’s a pretty simple thing to do, and by the end of this post, you will have 10 simple tips at your fingertips which you can use to make your home look and feel luxurious.

These tips are here to help you improve your living space and make your home feeling beautiful, smelling fresh, and making your friends ask you what your secret is.

These ways can be done on a budget, so you don’t need to splurge, or go out to buy some things that you cannot afford just because you read it here,

instead, start with what you have, and then with a little money, you can spend on a few things to add to the mix.

But before doing that, make sure you browse through Pinterest to find what your style is. Minimalist, Boho, Chic, etc. whatever it is, you will find it on Pinterest, and save it on a board so you can use it when you decide to give your home a little revamp.

Use that in conjunctions with these ways to make your home luxurious, because these 10 ways fit into any style you choose.

I hope this post helps you with some ways to make your home feel and look luxurious. And with that said, here are 10 ways to make your home luxurious.

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ways to make your home luxurious 

10 small ways to make your home feel and look luxurious

1)    Go green with some house plants

house plants for your home

Nothing screams nature in your home than a few pieces of greenery properly arranged around your house.

You don’t need to splurge on the expensive house plants, r buy one which you need to maintain 24/7. I mean, we’ve all been there when we were given a bonsai as a gift and we knew deep down, the poor guy wasn’t going to make it.

Instead, get yourself some house plants that need low maintenance but still radiates beauty in your home.

A snake plant can do the trick. It’s beautiful and requires low maintenance. And if you don’t want a real plant, opt-in for some fake flowers,

it may not be real, but it surely gives your house a beautiful and luxurious feeling. Plus, you can go for a 2-month vacation, knowing that your plant is still going to be the same way when you get back.


2)    Some Hand wash

Have you ever visited someone, used their bathroom, and fell in love with their hand wash, so much that you like to go there?

I can’t be the only one.

Having some quality hand wash in your bathroom is one of those small ways to make your home luxurious, without even trying so hard.

Your visitors will appreciate it, especially when the hand wash leaves a lovely scent on their hands.

No need to go splurge on expensive hand wash, (this is all about making your home feel luxurious without splurging) rather, get some quality sweet-smelling hand wash.

And do you what else goes with hand wash to add to the luxury?


3)    Fluffy Cotton Towels

Yep, together with some quality hand wash, you keep some clean towels which you and your visitor can use to wipe their hands.

After that encounter with your bathroom, don’t be surprised if that person comes back for more or starts asking some questions about them.

It shows they noticed and you’ll feel proud of yourself.

Having some clean towels in your bathroom not only makes you feel clean and neat but makes your home feel luxurious.

4)    Have a place for your books

booksshelf that make your home feel organized and luxurious

Maybe you are a reader, and you have some of your books lying around, with no pace to keep them, or your book drawer is already full and you don’t know what to do.

Opt-in for a proper arrangement of your books. You can install a good and spacious shelf for your books,

and to make them even more orderly and attractive, color-code your books. It shows how organized you are, and you get a sense of accomplishment when you do that.

Imagine sitting in your chair, a book in one hand, and coffee in another, and behind you is a shelf of organized books.

How good will you feel about that?


5)    Wall Art

a collection of wall posters and printables

Art is life.

I don’t know who said that quote, but whoever it is, knew exactly what they were saying. Art brings life into your home, in whatever shape, form, and color.

Having a piece of art on your wall, whether it’s by your bedside, your living room or the staircase adds beauty to your home.

These days, art is not expensive and you can get some quality prints for yourself anywhere online.

As long as the art speaks to you and what you love. It may be a simple ‘Boss Bitch Building her Empire’ and you love it.

Just make sure you have one in your home that makes you feel good, inspired, and happy.

You can get some amazing and quality wall prints and quotes in my Blog store. You’ll love the quote or print you pick out.


6)    A Sweet Smell

Do you know that the way your home smells says a lot about you? You might have a pet that you love, but you certainly don’t want your home smelling like dog poop.

You don’t need to spray air freshener 24/7 to make your home smell nice, although it can help, but following some simple tactics can make your home smell good and allow fresh air into your home.

A simple mix of boiling some orange and lemon peels can add some nice scent into your home, and why not take it a little further,

with a diffuser and add some peppermint essential oil in there to boost the aroma of your home. Not only will you be breathing in some clean air and making your home smell amazing,

but you’ll also make your home luxurious without breaking the bank.


7)    add some wood into the mix

Ever looked at some home décor on Pinterest and realized that they all have some form of wooden furniture in them?

Yep, wood exudes luxury and not a lot of people look at it that way. A simple center table made of wood put in the center of your living room can make your home luxurious.

Did you pick something during your travels, like a seashell or a rock you love, or bought something at a place you visited?

Put them on display on your table and when someone comes around and sees them and asks a question, it brings back memories and you have a tale to tell.

It can even be a wooden dining set or your wine glasses with a wooden handle (those things are beautiful), whatever it is, add some wood to your home to make it look and feel luxurious.

And you know what to put a wooden center table on?


8)    A Rug

Rugs, especially those made of fur add beauty to your home. And I’m not talking about a rug made from the fur of an endangered animal that was caught. (That’s just wrong),

I’m talking about a rug made out of fake fur, and a lot of them these days look and feel like the real thing.

Having a beautiful rug in your living room or by your bed will make your home luxurious and in a huge way. The way your legs will feel on the rug and the way it will look with your wooden center table, and your precious object placed on top of it.

That, in my opinion, screams beauty and luxury.

9)    Pillows and Cushions

ways to make oyur home luxurious

Throw pillows and cushions around your sofa and your bed, scream luxury and fine living. Whether you want to get some new ones or not is up to you.

If you want some new ones, then getting some with art prints on them that you love and want is a huge bonus,

and you can get those from Redbubble, a place where you can get products that are print on demand. So if you see an art print you like and want it on a throw pillow, you can get them at Redbubble.

But, if you don’t want new ones, try changing the pillowcases of the ones you have to make them look new and beautiful.

Throw pillows add a nice aesthetic to your home, so get some for your sofa and the bedroom.


10) A place for your Wines and Spirits

Together with having a place for your books, why don’t you have a place for your wine and spirits?

You don’t need to be a huge wine fan to do this, but having small sections of your home dedicated to your wine makes it easier for you to get one and crack open a bottle when you have a guest or just want to relax.

It screams luxury and a simple shelf that had been put together can do the trick. Keep your best liquids on display.

Whether you live in an apartment or have your own house, this addition will be a great boost in your living space and make your home luxurious.



Having a luxurious home doesn’t mean you need to buy a house worth thousands of dollars or splurge on the crazy things society has said mean luxury,

but doing a few simple upgrades and add on’s to your house can change your house from looking usual and just like everybody else’s,

to your own living space or luxury which you love and can’t wait to come home to every day. You will spend 2\3 of your life in your home, so why don’t you make your home fit your style, who you are, and what you love.

I hope these 10 tips on how to make your home luxurious have given you some cool tips on how to make your living space feel like a mansion to you, and on a budget.

Create your luxury home to fit your taste, and make your home a place you love, feel safe, and feel comfortable in.



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  1. Charmaine October 11, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    I love all of these tips. So simple but effective!

  2. Nandini October 11, 2021 at 10:33 pm

    Enjoyed reading this, Such simple things can make a difference! Thank you!

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