13 Effective ways on how to professionally develop yourself

how to professionally develop yourself
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You love your job, the environment, the people you work with and your boss is a good person. So you decide you want to improve, become better at your job, and deliver at a high capacity.

How do you do that? It starts with you, and you need to develop yourself. Simply put, you need to be more than who you already are, to deliver what you do not have.

This article will show guide and show you different ways on how to improve yourself professionally, so you can interact better with your colleagues,

and become an indispensable asset for your company and business. No matter where you are, it is never too late to develop yourself.

You are your most valuable asset, and it is your choice if you want to be an asset or a liability. As a corollary to this post, have a look at the different ways in which you can invest in yourself,

and get educated faster, cheaper, and in most cases for free.

Become indispensable, become an asset, learn how to professionally develop yourself with these guaranteed 13 ways to do just that.

how to develop yourself professionally



How do you communicate with other people?

Do you listen to them talk or do you just hear what they have to say, waiting for the right time to chip in your opinions,

without trying to give a listening ear.

Communication is a huge skill today, a skill that will open up new doors for you, new opportunities, meet new people and learn new things.

This doesn’t mean keeping your mouth shut and waiting for the other person to finish talking, but simply understanding what they have to say,

analyzing it and giving a response that is in line with what they are saying and provide value to them as well.

Be assured that whoever it is you are talking to, will appreciate how well you listened to them, and would give you a high value of respect.

Learn to communicate properly, understand what people have to say, and respond accordingly.

In this article on how to professionally develop yourself, communication skills are at the top of the hierarchy.

Robert Kisoyaki in his book ‘Rich Dad’s Guide to investing’ said something phenomenal when it came to business and communication.

He says,

‘Communication in a business, is what can either make or break the business and the people

ways in which a person can professionally dvevelop themselves through communication


What does it mean to become a truckload of value?

Simply put, it means acquiring skills, educating yourself, and improving your wisdom, so much that you are a hard chip to replace.

You become a precious metal, a huge asset to yourself or whoever you work for, you become indispensable.

When it comes to developing yourself, whether professionally or anything, becoming a truckload of value should be a goal to strive for.

Do not remain in mediocrity and think that where you are in the end. There is so much more out there, so much for you to learn and assimilate.

Learn new skills, read new books, try new hobbies, talk to people smarter than you, and you will become such a huge asset to replace.

Do not settle. Always look to improve build and be a better version of yourself.



Learning how to professionally develop yourself? One thing is for sure.

In the workplace or around you, when you notice the conversation shifts and become about a certain person, and you sense gossip, do one simple thing,

‘Skip the gossip’

The fact that they are talking about something when that person isn’t there, shows that they may be talking about you when you aren’t there as well.

Ditch the gossip. Don’t be a part of it. Once you notice it starts, you can do one of these two things:

  • Change the Subject to something else
  • Excuse yourself and leave the area.

Don’t be involved in such acts. Hold your value high, respect the person even when they aren’t there,

and ditch the silly gossip. They will realize that it isn’t your thing to gossip, and won’t do it around you anymore.

You can’t stop people from gossiping, but you can always not be a part of it.



This is a part of the second point on becoming a truckload of value.

You simply level up your skills. You can do that by using one of two ways, or even both:

  • Increase the knowledge you have in your particular area of expertise and become a master of it, or
  • Learn a new skill, one that can be transformed and used in the marketplace, whether physically or digitally

If you don’t like where you are, learn a new skill. You can learn your way out of your current situation and be better.

Want to know how to professionally develop yourself? Learn new and marketable skills.



The sooner you realize this, the better for you.

If you want to grow, be better than you are, and explore new things, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Although this article is on how to professionally develop yourself, getting out of your comfort zone will help you develop yourself.

There is a quote that states,

‘Your comfort zone is the least comfortable area of your life, and may kill you’

and I couldn’t agree more.

Get out of your comfort zone. Do something else, something unique, different, and away from your current reality.



Sometimes it can be hard to ask for feedback because you are scared of what the person may say.

Sure there might be more negative than positive reviews, but don’t let it be a setback. Instead, use it as fuel to add to your fire.

Use those feedback to become better at your craft. Ask your work colleagues, your boss, your friends, and your family for feedback.

You will get so many different things, and they are all worth it. Use those reviews and feedback you get, to become better.



Setting goals help give you a map and a guideline to what you want to do and who you want to become.

When it comes to learning how to professionally develop yourself, setting smart and big goals is very important.

You can learn how to properly set goals, goals you can achieve, and goals you can cross of your list every day.

Whether it is in your professional life or your personal life. Learn how to set goals, and use this simple yet effective 5 step process to set Smart goals for yourself.


In simple words, learn from those smarter than you.

If you are in a room or a circle and you are the smartest, then you need to find another group or another room of people.

Always be around those who are where you want to be, those who have walked the path you want to walk on, and learn from them.

Learn from them, and if you cannot be with them physically, learn by reading the books they have written about their journeys.

This is where autobiographies come into place, and you can learn about their entire life and struggles in a week.

Save yourself from any crazy mistake by learning from these people, and you will be grateful you did.



learning how to deal with dificult people

When you are in your workplace, there are going to be a few people who seem impossible to work with.

Maybe Karen likes getting things done her way, or Kevin just doesn’t care and doesn’t want to listen.

These people can get under your skin, and make you question your intellect sometimes, but don’t let that happen to you.

Understand these people and learn how to deal with them. Not in a crazy way, but learn to negotiate and compromise with them.

A lot of times when they act out, you will think it’s about you, but frankly, it isn’t. they might be going through something and you aren’t a part of it.

Learn to understand them, come to a compromise and you might realize that they aren’t that difficult to work with.

This improves your interpersonal skills and professional skills in your work environment and life generally.



One way to get out of your comfort zone, improve your communication with people and see how they react to your words, is through Public Speaking.

When you talk to a crowd, whether it is 10 people, 20 people, or 100 people, you understand and see how they react to your words.

How they see and try to understand you. If you notice that when you talk to people, they seem bored, that’s an indication that you need to improve.

Make the words you speak lively, entertaining, and at the same time educating. To develop professionally, learn how to speak publicly.

It would be frightening at first, and you might be lost for words sometimes, but as the adage says,

‘Practice makes perfect



Meet new people, connect with other people, via social media, and in person.

Find people in the industry you are working in or in the industry you want to work in and connect with people.

There is a saying that goes,

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

and although I don’t completely agree with it, it still holds some truth in it. Growing your network is substantial in the world today, and if you don’t know some people, it can hinder your entrance to certain places.

So, build your network of people, be in contact with them, leverage your network and learn from them.

Another saying I love is,

‘Your net worth is a direct correlation of your network’



With so much going around you, at home, in your environment, and in your workplace, taking a break may seem foreign but it is of crucial importance.

But when you learn how to professionally develop yourself, taking a break will help you much more than anything on this list.

You need to rest, you are not a machine built to work 24/7, for an entire year nonstop. You will burn out before getting to the 1st quarter.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a break, collect yourself, meditate, calm your mind, and when you are ready, keep grinding.

Learn to rest, not quit.



I can talk about 5 ways to be a better person, 25 ways to improve your life, 50 or even 100 ways to do something, but the truth is that they will all be of no value to you if you don’t take the first step.

You need to commit. You have to commit and you must be willing to take the risks to be better.

None of these 13 ways on how to professionally develop yourself will work if you do not take the first step.

You’ve got to take action. It doesn’t matter how much action you take, but as long as you are taking action every day,

putting and adding to your progress brick by brick, you will see the result pretty soon.

This is a quote that sums it, and although it sounds a little awful, it goes like this,

‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time’

(No idea why someone used an elephant, but you get the point)

Build yourself one brick at a time, and your house will be completed soon.



How to professionally develop yourself you may ask?

Well, these 13 ways have given you the tools you need to start in your self-development journey. Take it one at a time,

step by step, and as you keep going, you keep growing, keep learning, keep adapting, and keep becoming that person you want to be, inside and out.

I hope you loved this post, and if you did, share it with a friend, your co-workers, or your family. If you got value out of this, they will too.

Leave a comment below on how you intend to develop yourself, and I’ll reply with my best answer.

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