30 Journal prompts on ways to find your life purpose

how to find your life purpose
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Plan and outline how you want to live your life

Do you sometimes sit down, and stare into oblivion, wondering what this life meant to you, and what you were born to achieve?

It’s certainly not an easy task trying to figure out what you want or trying to know how to find your life’s purpose.

But let me start with the fact that you are unique.

This isn’t just mere flattery to get you reading this post, I am telling you that because it is true, and it is high time you start seeing yourself that way.

No two people are the same,


Your life may seem like it is on pause, or it isn’t moving at all, and I understand. For a lot of people, especially those in their twenties,

this is a phase we all tend to go through.

We ask ourselves things like:

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • How do I find my life’s purpose?
  • What career do I want to go into?
  • What skills do I want to learn?
  • Why do I feel like my life isn’t moving and everyone else’s is?
  • Why is everyone moving forward but for me?

All these questions and more, seep into your mind, and as it goes in, we fall into depression, so deep that we don’t know when we got in,

or how to get out.

I decided to write this post, on how to find your life’s purpose, to give you a jumpstart to finding what you want,

what you want to accomplish, without comparing yourself to anyone, or criticizing yourself constantly.

This journal prompts on how to find your life’s purpose will give you a head start in your journey, and help you answer those deep questions you have.

And if journaling seems a bit foreign to you, learn how to start a journal, and give yourself a head start to this amazing world. 


1) What were your hobbies as a child and teen? List all of them.

2) What was your favorite thing to do growing up?

3) How did you feel about working with others as a child and as a teen? Did you like being a leader, working alone, or working with small or large groups?

4) Write down a list of ways, 10 ways each, these hobbies could become careers.

5) What are my biggest weaknesses professionally? How can I turn these into strengths or at least, less problematic weaknesses?

6) What are my strengths? Am I putting these strengths to good use?

7) How does competition make you feel?

8) What is your desired income level?

9) How do I define success, and how do I know when I have reached it?

10) What is your ideal job, and how many hours do you intend to work per week?

11) What is my ideal work routine? How can I make that a reality in my life?

12) What is your dream workplace like? Describe it.

13) Describe what you wear to your dream workplace.

14) Make a list of 30 potential new skills to learn.

15) What would you do with your education, if you had the chance to start all over?

16) What would you do with your life if you had no fear?

17) List 10 favorite career quotes that inspire you.

18) What would your future best self from 10 years in the future say to you now?

19) What are the exact negative phrases your mind is telling you about finding your passion? Journal the origin of those phrases.

20) Write a list of 10 self-care activities to love yourself.

21) Journal 50 sources of inspiration. Be super-specific.

22) Write down 3 actions you can take each day towards discovering your passion.

23) Journal your 10 highest highs/happiest moments in your life.

24) Journal your favorite books to read. What books or music inspires you?

25) Make a list of the people in this world, who inspire you.

26) Whose life do you envy the most and why?

27) What am I already grateful for in my life and why?

28) List your top 10 companies to work for if you could work for anyone.

29) What would you do with your life, if you already had the guarantee of success?

30) Write 10 positive lessons you would like to share with others about finding their passion.


It may not be all you need, because the answer to the question ‘How to find your Life’s purpose’ will have to be written a hin huge book.

There is no single answer, but what I can give you, is taking baby steps to answer the question.

Consider this as baby step one in your progress. Make sure you get a journal and take 30 days to answer these questions yourself,

Truthfully and open-mindedly, for that is when you will see with your mind, what your eyes cannot see.

To take you further, and especially for us young lads in our twenties, I highly recommend the books which will be shown in the ad below.

Books have not only helped me get out of my closet but have also enabled millions of people around the world,

answer unending questions and find out how to make the most of their lives.

The books have a twist of humor in them, so you can laugh, enjoy yourself and still learn deeply.

I hope these prompts have helped to give you a head start in your journey to self-discovery you want more,

be sure to check out my other posts, for they are not only inspiring but enlightening as well.

Enjoy reading this post on how to find your life’s purpose, and be sure to apply them in your daily life,

For maximum results.

Until next time Lovely reader,




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  1. Asmae April 14, 2021 at 11:22 pm

    Amazing prompts! “Write down 3 actions you can take each day towards discovering your passion” I love this one in particular, very interesting. Thank you for sharing

    1. Emmanuella Ndukwe April 15, 2021 at 2:10 pm

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it

  2. Kelli April 14, 2021 at 11:31 pm

    Very nice article! I really like your list of questions! 🙂

    1. Emmanuella Ndukwe April 15, 2021 at 2:11 pm

      I’m glad you like it. Thanks for reading through.

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