8 Simple and effective steps needed to get a standing Backbend

how to do a backbend from standing
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how to do a backbend from standing
Tips and ways to do a backbend from standing

One key area that comes up for a lot of people, when they start training, is usually doing a backbend, especially from standing.

And I understand, that at first, it may be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before, and if you have attempted it,

You may feel like you will fall on your head, and injure yourself. And yes, these are all valid points, but what if I let you know,

That you can do a standing backbend, easily, following a few steps and precautions. You don’t have to fall into it immediately,

So you won’t hurt your back, and then tell yourself you are never going to try it again (you don’t want to do that).

Attempting a standing backbend requires the necessary preparation and precautions, and I will tell you all that in this post.

Here, I will break down all you need to achieve your back bending goal, and you will see yourself, going into a backbend with ease.



how to achieve a standing backbend with tips and tricks to help you


You know how people prep their meals for a week so they don’t have to prepare a new meal every day?

Yes, you are going to do that right here. It’s not the same but it is similar. Doing a backbend requires preparation, and that preparation is warm-ups.

Just like you would warm up your legs before stretching, you have to warm up your back as well. Back warm-ups are fairly easy, and they don’t require 10 minutes of jumping or whatever you may have in mind (although that’s great).

Some back warm-up exercises which I practice myself include,

  • Cat-Cow Stretch
  • Kneeling back leg kicks
  • Seal stretch
  • Camel stretch

These are a few you can start with. Maybe add some jumping jacks in there don’t you think? These would get your back ready for what’s coming next, and that is going into the backbend.




Your posture when attempting a standing backbend is everything. Your legs shouldn’t be so close together,

You need some space.

  • So make sure you are in a standing position, with your legs fairly wide apart, so you can have a good stance.
  • Raise your hands, and be ready to arch.
  • Now, don’t just arch with a straight posture. Your back needs to arch before your hands go backward,
  • So, with your hands up in the air, give your back a curve. Curving your back helps you to get into the position easily.
  • To curve your back, push your chest and your back outwards, so your upper body is forming a sort of C curve. That’s what you need.
  • Slowly descend your arms, until you touch the ground.

These steps I outlined are some basic steps that help you get the backbend. However, if you have crossed this path,

And all you need to know is how to be confident enough to get your hands to the ground without the feeling that you may fall,

Then stick around because I have got you covered.



  1. Practice with a Wall

The wall is going to be your best friend right now.

Get yourself standing in front of a wall, and practice going up and down the wall into and out of your backbend.

Doing that will help you build the strength and momentum you need, and you will also get used to being upside down.


  1. Use your bed or couch

Sure you practice with your wall, but to get better, you need a lower space, and that’s where your bed or couch comes in.

This is where you practice your standing backbend, but you aren’t reaching the ground yet, you are only going to reach your bed or couch.

Stay in the proper posture and form as I mentioned above, and slowly descend backward until you can touch your bed or couch.

Get used to doing that, and make your couch or bed your back bending tool.

  1. Transition to Pillows

Now, you are almost there, but before you get to the ground, practice with a pillow on the floor. Why?

Because you will relieve yourself of the fear of falling, and even if you do, you will land on a pillow (safety first always)

Practice with the proper form and use a pillow for support. You may feel like you are about to fall, but don’t worry,

You won’t. You might be surprised and about 90% of the time you think you might fall, you actually will not fall.


  1. Use another person as support

Pillow, bed, and couch, and you feel you aren’t ready for it? Then get someone to help you. This person isn’t pushing you to do anything,

They are simply going to be your support during the process. Have then hold you with both hands,

One on your lower back, and the other in the middle, the place between your upper and lower back.

As you go down into the backbend, they help to prop you up and hold you so that you won’t fall.

This person can serve as your human pillow and support you through the process.


  1. Do Not Hold Your Breath

Please don’t do that.

It may happen unconsciously, but if you notice yourself doing so, then do some breathing exercises.

A little deep breath in and out goes a long way.

You want to make sure you are breathing properly, and throughout the process.


  1. And Don’t Close your Eyes

Do not close your eyes. Even if you have someone else as support, don’t close your eyes.

You want to see where you are going and where your hands will be landing. And that won’t happen with closed eyes.

You need to build your confidence when attempting a backbend from standing, and you cannot do that with closed eyes.


  1. Hydration is Key

You, I, and everybody need water. When doing a backbend for the first time, you may feel dizzy.

That tends to happen when you aren’t properly hydrated, and that can increase the blood rush to your head, causing dizziness.

So get some water and have a glass before attempting a backbend.


  1. Don’t be tempted to ‘Fall’ into the backbend

You may be tempted to just fall into it, and whatever happens, happens. No, don’t do that. It causes more harm than good.

Instead, take your time, to develop a good form, which allows you to slowly and steadily, go into a backbend from a standing posture,

And successfully come out of it as well.

That method of simply ‘falling’ into the backbend, especially when you are just starting, should be far away from you.




You have practiced with a wall, transitioned to your bed or couch, and then to a pillow, and are ready to practice the backbend on the floor itself.

Then go for it.

Nothing should stop you from doing this. And truthfully, if you already have a backbend, you should practice this already.

Enough with seeing people on Instagram and Pinterest going in and out of standing backbends and wishing you could do the same,

Go practice and get that backbend for yourself today.



I hope this post and the tips it provides will help you achieve your goal of getting your backbend from standing,

And I hope it does.

Enjoy, practice, get your goals, and Crush them.

how to do a backbend from standing

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