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Christmas holiday wish list
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It’s the holidays, and you decide to write a holiday wish list filled with things that you want and need, but come up short.

It happens, which is why at the end of this post, you’ll have 20 things to choose from, to add to your holiday wish list, including things you didn’t know you needed.

They range from a pair of good kicks to a standing desk, budget planners, and sexy lingerie, and so on.

Whatever your taste is, these 20 things will give you an idea of what you want, and you will be able to pick something to add to your list.

To make this process smoother and easier (it’s the holidays and you don’t need to be stressed), here is a free holiday wish list printable, that you can download and print out for free.

Fill it with what you need and want, so you know what to get for yourself or someone this holiday.

Get the free printable, download, and get writing.

Now, with all that out of the way, here are 20 great things to add to your holiday wish list, including things you didn’t know you needed.

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20 Lovely and thoughtful things to add to your holiday wish list


gifts to add to your holiday wish list

1)    Standing Desk for your home office

standing desk for your home office

You work at home, behind a desk, and sit for long, but need to get up once in a while to move your legs right?

Well, a standing desk will help you get up more, and move your legs around your workspace. If you’re keen to listen to music while working, you can do that with your laptop on your standing desk.

This is a nice item to add to your holiday wish list, and hey, someone may buy it for you, and you’ll know they care about your legs and your health.

Get a standing desk from Amazon.

2)    Photo lens for the aspiring Photography

photo lens for taking pictures for your holiday wish list

Borders are opening back up, cities are lowering their restrictions on movement, and you can now travel once again.

What better way to take a picture with your phone at whatever angle, than with a photo lens. This lens comes with a tripod, and you can carry it anywhere with you.

Travel more and have your photography equipment with you, like this photo lens and make some memories with it. Add this to your holiday wish list, or get it for someone who loves to take pictures.

Buy the Photo lens on Amazon.


3)    Faux Oversized Jacket for Winter

faux oversized jacket for winterfaux oversized furry jacket

Who doesn’t love a cute jacket for the winter season? One you can wear with anything and still look stylish.

This faux oversized jacket is super cute and should be on your holiday wish list. Look stylish and make a statement with this jacket.

Get the Oversized jacket on Amazon.


4)    Essential oils set of 14

essential oils set of 14

Essential oils are the bomb.

They are amazing for your bath time soak, for calming your mind and body, and have such a great smell.

What’s your favorite scent? I’m a peppermint person and essential oils are something I will always have. Make a note of this and add some essential oils to your wish list this holiday.

Get the essential oils set of 14 on Amazon.


5)    Essential oil Diffuser

bluetooth essential oil diffuser

What comes with essential oils?

Yeah. An essential oil diffuser. Using a diffuser is great because it helps clear your room from any bad smell, giving your area a refreshing smell, helps you relax when you sleep or practice yoga,

and can also help you focus more on your tasks. With your favorite scent of essential oils, use a diffuser to get that sweet aroma spread across your living space.

If you’re adding essential oils to your holiday wish list, also put in an essential oil diffuser to the mix.

Get the essential oil diffuser on Amazon.

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6)    Levitating Galaxy moon lamp

galaxy moon lamp

I didn’t see this on TikTok just to pass it by. This moon lamp is an absolute beauty and the best part of it?

It levitates. Like a floating ball in the air. And I mean it.

This lamp is a beauty, and it’s such a nice aesthetic to your bedside. I assure you, you’ll be in love with it.

Add a levitating moon lamp to your wish list, and order one for yourself or a friend on Amazon.

7)    Phone Soap

phone soap for cleaning your phone

I don’t mean using an actual soap to clean your phone, but this device does that for you. You know germs and bacteria can remain on your phone and accessories and can sometimes cause diseases,

so you need to keep them sanitized. And that’s where this phone soap comes in. using it is simple.

Just put your phone in, and let the device clean your phone properly for you. If you love a clean phone, this is a great gift for yourself or anyone at all.

Everyone needs this, especially in times like this: Covid.

Get a phone soap on Amazon.


8)    Burrito Blanket

burrito blanket

A cozy blanket that makes you look like a burrito?

Count me in.

I have this blankie and it’s so pretty and cozy. Imagine wrapping your pet in this blanket, they’ll look like a little burrito and that’s just so cute (Christmas pictures)

Get a burrito Blanket for yourself and your pet on Amazon.

9)    Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

bluetooth karaoke microphone

The holiday is a time for you to relax, de-stress and spend time with friends. What better way to hang out with friends in your home and have a good time than to sing some karaoke songs.

Add a Bluetooth microphone to the mix and you take it to a whole new level. If you see this in your friends’ holiday wish list, then you know what they’re planning.

Singing with this microphone makes the moment more enjoyable.

Get a Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone on Amazon.


10) Badass and Sexy Lingerie Set

sexy lingerie set for women

I think every lady should have a piece of lingerie in their closet. You don’t have to use it to set the mood with your partner, but you should have one that fits your body and accentuates your curves,

to tell yourself how pretty and sexy you are.

You can get any lingerie of any size anywhere, but I love any lingerie that comes from Boutiquefeel, a sexy clothing store for women.

Try out a pair of Sexy Lingerie from Boutiquefeel.


11) Italia Roma Rose Gold Neck chain

roma jewelry for women

A statement piece of jewelry should be in your jewelry box for any occasion and with any outfit, formal or informal.

One piece of statement jewelry I love is the Italia rose gold chain from Roma jewelry. They have more in their collection but this single one is a show stopper.

Add this to your list of gifts you want and don’t shy away from something as unique and beautiful as this.

Get a piece of the Italia Rose Gold neck chain from Roma Jewellery.


12) Funny Wine Glasses

funny wine glasses    funny wine glasses for women

Your glasses or mug can be plain if it’s your style or has some writing on it. I like mine with some writing, and this funny wine glass is as real and as funny as it comes.

Imagine using this to serve wine to your girlfriends? They’ll love it, no doubt.

Get a pair of Funny wine Glasses on Amazon.

13) Oversize wearable Blanket

oversized wearable banket

We’ve all had those times when we watch a movie and just wrap ourselves in a ball as the movie goes on, and use a blanket that keeps falling off all the time.

Can be frustrating right?

Don’t let it be that way this holiday, and add an oversized wearable blanket to your holiday wish list.

The name of the blanket is what it does. You wear it and watch your movie feeling cozy and comfortable, instead of cold, plus twisting and turning all the time.

Get an oversized wearable blanket on Amazon.


14) Constellation Heat Changing Mug

heat changing mug

This mug changes its background between hot and cold temperatures. How cool is that?

When it’s cold, it’s like a normal dark mug, but when it’s hot, it shows some amazing constellation on its background. A nice way to have your hot chocolate if you ask me.

Get a Heat changing Constellation Mug on Amazon.

15) Blush Insulated Mug for the Boss Lady

insulated travel mug for women

Need a gift for your boss, or your friend who is a boss lady? A nice insulated mug that screams Boss Lady can do the trick.

This mug retains both hot and cold water, comes with a straw, and can be used for any type of liquid; smoothies, shakes, tea, etc.

Plus, it’s a nice addition to your holiday wish list as well.

Get a blush-insulated mug on Amazon.


16) Daily Planner and Budget Planner

daily planner and weekly planner binders for women in their twenties    ivory budget planner for financial planning

Start the New Year in style, by getting your time and your finances together. I love getting planners from a store called Ivory Planners, and I recommend their spiral daily planner and budget planner.

Whenever you choose to get a planner, for the New Year or before Christmas, just be sure to add them to your wish list.

A planner can save you a lot of time and energy and help you understand where your time and money are going.

Get a Daily Planner and a Budget Planner from Ivory Planners.


17) Fluffy Loungewear set

fluffy loungewear set for women

Just like a wearable blanket, this loungewear is as comfy as it looks, plus it’s super cute. Add this to your holiday wish list, or even get it for yourself from Boutiquefeel,

the store which I recommend you get some sexy lingerie from (they sell lots of amazing clothes).

Keep yourself looking cute and comfy this Christmas season with cute loungewear.

Get this fluffy loungewear set from Boutiquefeel.


18) Aroma de Hormiguero from Sayn Beauty

sweet smelling perfume for women

Don’t be confused, that’s the name of a killer perfume from Sayn Beauty.

A signature scent should be a classic in your wardrobe, and this perfume from Sayn Beauty gives you that scent.

Not just a perfume, but they have products ranging from skincare, body care, lotions, and more, but this perfume particularly caught my eyes.

Get this Perfume from Sayn Beauty.


19) A pair of Great Kicks from Reebook

women's kicks from reebook

Reebook is one of my go-to’s for a pair of great kicks and sometimes sports attire.

Having a pair of good kicks, not just any kicks but quality ones, will keep your leg comfortable, prevent any kind of bruise and last a long time.

Reebok’s shoes are known for their great quality and beautiful appearances, so you won’t go wrong with a pair from them.

Add this to your holiday wish list as well.

Get a pair of great kicks from Reebook.


20) Domain Name and Hosting

What if you want to start a blog in the New Year? You know what you want to write and what it’s going to be about.

So, what about adding to your holiday wish list, a domain name, and hosting. Someone who gets this for you cares about you and is proud that you’re taking the next step.

A domain name and hosting aren’t expensive at all, and you can get one easily with a site called NameCheap.

You can get a domain name for as low as $1, so you don’t need to spend much, plus it’s a good investment and a start to something great for yourself.

If you want to learn how to start a blog, read how I started mine and how you can start yours in full detail.

Get a domain name and hosting from Namecheap.



Sure there are items for your holiday wish list, but who says you can’t buy it for yourself, or for someone who you know will need it.

Make this holiday a nice and memorable one by getting memorable gifts that you can use for a long time, quality good over quantity.

I hope you find something to add to your list, and if you didn’t know what to add, now you have a list of 20 things to choose from, and they all suit well into various aspects of your life.

Get yourself or a loved one a gift and enjoy your holiday.




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