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Going through the day and coming home can be so EXHAUSTING.

Plus, a lot of us come home, and its straight to bed.

Honestly, I get it, work can be very exhausting, especially working a 9-5 job.

We just never have the time for a proper night routine, and when we do, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with all kinds of various routines all in one night.

Besides, having a daily night routine helps you prepare for the next day, sets your mind straight to your next goal and helps you get a good night rest.

It’s always best to start small and then build up on your daily night routine.

Here are a few night habits/routines that you can start with and then add more and develop.



Once you get home, or even on your way home, take a few minutes to evaluate your day.

How did your day turn out? Was the outcome great or not?

Did you expect to do more within the time you had?

What goals did you accomplish and which of them did you not accomplish?

By asking yourself these questions, you know exactly how your day went, and what you did and did not do.

Don’t beat yourself up if your day didn’t go as planned, instead learn from it and plan ahead, in faith that you will do better the next day.

Besides, everyday is a day to start afresh.


This is a very important part of your night routine.

Try not to come home and go straight to bed. Instead, take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wear your nightie, do whatever you need to keep yourself clean.

Personal hygiene is very important for everyone to maintain, because by doing that you keep yourself clean and free from disease.

If you want to use a face scrub, or your body scrub, do it.

You want to have a soak in your tub, do it, whatever makes you feel good, and releases the tension and stress of the day.

Doing this, helps you regain control of yourself and releases the built-up tension that may have been inside of you.


It is well known that writing down your thoughts on paper, makes it easier for you to focus and accomplish your goals.

When you write down your daily goals, it is much easier for you to see what you want to accomplish, and go for it.

Get a journal, and when your start writing down, its much easier for you to focus on one thing at a time,

Rather than trying to do different things at the same time.


If you have trouble with properly planning your day, I suggest you get a planner.

Because planners help you simplify your work. All you have to do is fill the planner with your daily goals and plans for the next day,

and when you sleep and wake up, you already know what you want to do with your day.

I personally use planners, because as a college student, I tend to get overwhelmed with what to do every day,

So, after I got a planner I would write down my plan for the next day, and sleep knowing that I already have my day planned out before the day even happens.


Reading is good for the mind.

Its important to read every day, because it adds to your knowledge and your vocabulary.

You don’t have to read some huge textbook to know you have read.

Novels work great, because there are some words that authors use in their books that we may not have heard of, and by reading, opens us up to a different world and different vocabulary.

Besides there is a famous quote that goes:

A man who reads every day, lives a thousand lives.

I couldn’t agree more.


This is a health, fitness and wellness blog, so you know exercise has to be there.

Besides, exercise has a lot of health benefits. Doing a little exercise before you go to sleep has a lot of good and longterm effects.

Your exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous, it can be a light jog, or a nice evening walk or even some stretches.

Anything to get your body moving, and your blood pumping will be great, and do great things for you.


By unplug, I’m referring first to setting your phone aside.

Don’t be with your phone as you fall asleep. Its best for you to keep your phone away from you and hour before you fall asleep.

Also, you can unplug by shutting out everything around you and focusing solely on you.

You had a long day interacting with people, you also need time for yourself.

Meditation is one very great way to unplug. You focus on your mind, body and soul and you learn to be at peace.


Prepare the outfit that you will need for the next day.

Whether it’s a work outfit, or a lounge wear, or an outing wear, just pick it out and put it out where you can see it.

Doing this the night before relieves you of the stress of having to sift through your clothes, looking for what to wear the next day.

Plan it the night before, pick it out and put it up.

Then you know you are ready for the next day.


This was something I had to learn to do, especially when I had 8am classes and I had to wake up by 6am.

Set your alarm, and put your phone far from you, so that when the alarm rings, you have to get up and turn it off.

By getting up on your feet, you are already halfway awake.

Don’t snooze your alarm.

This caused me a headache from having to snooze it up to five times.

So once your alarm has rung, get up, even with your sleepy eyes and turn it off.


No matter how easy this sounds, you will find that its actually hard for people to sleep early, especially these days when we press our phones until we are tired and then sleep.

Drop your phone aside, and go to sleep earlier than you usually do.

No matter what society says, its important to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day.

However, the average youth doesn’t even get close to that when it comes to sleep.

Its very important that we get enough sleep, because our brain needs to rest after the long day (no pun intended), and our body needs to rest too.

So, cultivate the habit of getting enough rest after a long day. The benefits are numerous.


I hope these few night routines, have helped you in cultivating a healthy night habit.

These tips have personally helped me in my college life, and will surely continue to do the same after I graduate.

Take it step by step, and build up.

I’ll see you in my next post.

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