Gift ideas for Fitness Lovers

gift ideas for fitnesss in 2021
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It’s that special time of the month, and you are not sure of what gift to get your significant other, who is a fitness lover, and you are quickly running out of ideas.

Has this ever happened to you?

I know it has happened to me, because I’m not always one to know what to get someone as a gift, especially at specific times.

This is why gift guides or gift ideas come in handy.

There are so many things to get someone, which I am sure they will love, but the only problem we all face is, WHAT DO I GET THEM?

To stop you from worrying so much and getting something you are not even sure they will like, this gift guide, which gives you various ideas, on what to get that fitness lover,

Will make picking a gift super easy, even when you need to do it at the dying minute.

Fitness lovers are not that hard to gift, but getting a thoughtful gift is a memorable thing. Especially when you get to see the smile on their faces,

And actually, see them use it.


  1. Workout Program

Every fitness lover or enthusiast is ready and always willing to try out a new workout program to see how things go.

It’s like it’s biologically ingrained inside of them (me included)

So, getting them a workout program, or rather gifting them a workout program shows that you care,

And more importantly, you will give them something different to do, as well as issue them a challenge to see if they can complete the program.

  1. Workout Dress
gift guide for the fitness lovers featuring a workout dress by halara
Halara workout dress

workout dress by halara in gift ideas for the fitness lovers
Workout dresses are not very common, as the majority of fitness lovers opt for simple legging and a top, or activewear.

Gifting a workout dress gives them something new to add to their closet of workout clothes.

They may not know what a workout dress or workout skirt is, but it’s a dress with shorts underneath.

If you look at the way some tennis players or even leisure golf players dress, you may notice that they have workout dresses on.

It’s a new addition to their closet, and will make them feel like a pro tennis or golf player (am I right?)

  1. Running Shoes
gift ideas for fitness lovers, featuring reebok women's running shoes
Reebok women’s running shoes

Ok, I’m just going to say it.

It’s time you get rid of those worn-out running shoes, with tears around them, and just get yourself a new one.

Having great running shoes protect your feet, and gives your legs the comfort to move freely and easily without causing injury.

If you notice your friend has some terrible looking running shoes, this is a sign to gift her a new one, and watch her thank you,

And you feel great about it.

  1. Smart Water Bottle
stainless water bottle for gift ideas for that fitness lovers
Hydrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Sure regular bottles work ok. But nothing says I’m here and ready to hydrate myself like a bottle of water in your favorite smart water bottle.

(I honestly never saw myself saying smart water bottle, like ever)

But having a smart water bottle is the next best thing to a regular water bottle.

Ditch that plastic water container you use (it’s bad for the environment) and get yourself, or gift your fellow fitness lovers a water bottle.

  1. Fitness Planner

fitness and workout planner
What fitness enthusiast have you seen working out, without having a proper plan? No one I’m sure.

But if you know anyone who doesn’t plan their workouts, go to the gift and begin to wonder what machine to use first, then get them a fitness planner.

If that person is you, then get yourself a fitness planner, and save yourself the stress and headache of wondering what workout to do,

And for how long.

  1. Wireless Air pods
apple wireless airpods for fitness lovers and gifts you can get them
Apple Wireless Bluetooth Airpods

Who doesn’t love to listen to their favorite music or podcast while building some muscles right?

If you use the regular earpiece with the cord and all that stuff, you may find it uncomfortable to work out without worrying about whether the rope would twist and all.

A simple wireless air pod will make your life easier.

You can keep your phone aside, or keep it in your armband, and workout peacefully. You can even change the music or episode directly from the air pod.

Isn’t it just stress-free?

  1. Stretchy Workout Clothes
workout clothes two piece in gift guide
Two piece workout clothes for women


fitness gifts workout clothes for fitness lovers
Workout Leggings for women

Oh yes, you know I’m talking to you. You have been using the same leggings and top to go and run for the past 6 months,

And it’s screaming for a change. Do yourself a favor and change it, QUICKLY.

Having a pair, or two of quality workout clothes or activewear gives you confidence whenever you decide to wear them.

It may not be you but your friend has had the same leggings for months. Her birthday is by the corner, and you need something to give her.

Get her some quality activewear or two, and watch her rock her new look. Thanks to you.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Massage Gun for workout recovery for fitness lovers and ideas for gifts
Renpho Massage Gun for Recovery

Workout’s done and you feel sore, really sore. Don’t worry, it happens more times than you can imagine.

That where a massage gun comes in. you don’t need to visit a spa all the time to get a massage (though I highly recommend it, it feels amazing),

But having your handheld massage gun gives you the rumbly and relaxing feeling of a massage on your body.

It helps to relieve soreness and keeps you relaxed.

Get one for yourself, or even better, give it as a gift to your fit friend, and thank me later.

  1. Workout Recovery Equipment
Workout recovery equipment for fitness lovers in gift ideas
Workout recovery equipment

This was specifically a purchase I made for myself a few months ago, and it was too good not to share with you.

Just like having a massage gun, having some workout recovery equipment comes in handy, especially when you don’t have a massage gun,

Or think you might never need one (I don’t believe you). It consists of a foam roller and softballs, to help you relieve the back pain you might experience,

Especially after a back flexibility routine. You don’t want to have cramps and all that crazy stuff happening to your body right?

Gift that fitness lover some recovery equipment.

  1. Flavored Protein Bars
flavored protein bars as in gift ideas on what to get for fitness lovers
Built Bar Flavored protein bars

Who doesn’t love a good dose of protein in their body? They are the building blocks of our body right, but it may not be easy getting the right amount of daily dose we need.

And that’s where protein bars come in.

I love protein bars because they come in different flavors like caramel, German chocolate, strawberry, and my personal favorite, cookies, and cream.

Don’t be scared because they are flavored, they are low in calories and leaves you feeling fuller throughout the day.

Everyone, not only fitness lovers, should have protein bars in hand. We all need the supplements.

  1. Sexy Lingerie
lingerie for women sexy in sexy gift ideas for women
Lingerie for the ladies

This isn’t something you expected to see on this list right. Well, life is full of crazy unexpected things and this is one of them.

You are working out, and you are doing great, so why not get yourself or gift someone a pair of some sexy lingerie.

Having lingerie on give you a certain level of unmatched confidence that you never expected,

And get it because you want to please yourself and look good, not because of anyone (very important).

You may be wondering why you will need lingerie, but hey, you never know when you need to put something sexy on,
And show off what you worked hard for, am I right?

  1. Yoga and Meditation Guide

For a fitness lover who practices mindfulness and meditation, a yoga and meditation guide is the perfect gift.

Not just for fitness lovers, but for anyone who you feel needs to relax and take a deep breath, a meditation and yoga guide is the perfect gift.

  1. Self-Care Boxes

Self-care isn’t selfish, and with so much stress people tend to go through, self-care should be your no. 1 priority.

Everyone needs to practice self-care, and if you don’t know where to start from, having a done-for-you self-care box is the best place to start.

Pamper yourself, it’s been a long day.

  1. Fitbit Fitness Tracker
fitbit fitness tracker for tracking your steps in gift ideas for things you can get for fitness lovers
Fitbit fitness tracker

Are you a runner, or you just love to track your fitness routine? How many steps you take, how many kilometers, etc.?
Then getting a fitness tracker is your go-to.

Gift your fit friend a fitness tracker, and watch them slam that watch on their wrist every day, and be more alert of how many steps they take during their workout routine.

  1. Stretching Strap
stretching strap to stretch for flexibility for fitness lovers and gifts for them
stretching strap

Why do we stretch?

To increase our overall body flexibility and mobility, and remove all the hidden cramps in our body.

If you know a fitness geek who loves to stretch, as I do, then get them a stretching strap.

It isn’t just for beginners, it can be used by both intermediate and advanced people, and it is a form of support.

Gift your flexible and fit friend a stretching strap.

  1. Power Blender
smoothie blender for protein shakes and smoothies in gift ideas for fitness lovers
power blender for smoothies and shakes

We all take shakes, at least the majority of us. Whether it’s protein shakes or smoothies, we need a powerful blender to do the work.

And that where a power blender comes in.

For your shake and smoothie drinking friends, get them a power blender and watch their eyes glow with excitement.

  1. Gym Bag
Gym bag for gym clothes in gift ideas for fitness lovers
Gym Bag for gym clothes and shoes

You need to pack all your stuff when heading to the gym, and please do not put them in some school bag or plastic bag,

It’s just ugh.

A gym bag is a perfect fit for this, and if your fit friend lacks one, then gift them a gym bag.

I certainly would have loved it if someone had gifted me the gym bag which I use now, it would be so thoughtful.

  1. Epsom Salts, and Bath Bombs
epsom salts for detoxing in gift guides for someone who loves to exercise
epsom salts
bath bombs for detoxing in gift ideas for detoxing
bath bombs

You see these two everywhere, especially when it comes to giving yourself or your friend a treat.
And today, you have seen it here.

These two go hand in hand, as they are part of the pamper yourself you deserve it kit.
Epsom salts decrease the stress levels and coupled with bath bombs, give the most relaxing and soothing effect ever.

Like literally, what combo is better?

Tell me in the comments if you love the two.

  1. Foot Massager
foot massager in gift ideas
Foot massager

Oh yes, time to get rid of those sore feet, shall we?

A foot massage is the next best thing to a deep tissue massage gun. It gets rid of your sore feet,

And you can relax, sip on your favorite shake or smoothie and let the machine do its job.


  1. Running Belt, resistance Bands and Yoga Mat

I put all three together because, why not?

Having a running belt allows you to have a space for your phone and valuables, tucked in front of you while you do your daily run.

No more looking for where to drop your phone and keys, or holding your phone in your hand during your kilometer run.

Resistance bands or Booty Bands, as it is usually called increases the resistance you face when workout out your glutes.

The bands aren’t only for glutes though, they can be used to work out your arms and help with shoulder stretches as well.

Yoga mat right?

Do I need to tell you why you need one, or even why you should gift your fit friend one, even if they already have one?
In short, you can never have enough pretty yoga mats.

I have four and I get gifted another, I’ll gladly take it. There is just some beauty and art to it if you know what I mean.

This list of gift ideas for fitness lovers, should give you an idea, or even know what you want to get for your fit friend.

Pick one, and get him/her as a gift.

There can never be such a thing as too many gifts.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you know anyone who needs this post, share it with them. If you loved it they will too.

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Until next time,
Take Care and Happy Gifting.

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