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Its not everyday you see a fitness bucket list.

Honestly, I am a bucket list kind of girl, and I can make a list for almost anything I want to do and achieve.

From personal development, to traveling, to adventure, to relationship, finance, arts and crafts, food, and just for fun bucket lists, I’ve got them all written down.

Yep. I’m crazy about bucket lists.

Which is why I decided to stop hoarding my list, and share them with you, dear reader.

This fitness bucket list was created about a year ago, and I have already started achieving some of the things on the list and intend to keep going,

until the list is exhausted.

By sharing this fitness bucket list with you, I want to give you a little inspiration if you are on your fitness journey.

Make yourself a list of things you want to achieve, and as you go, cross them off the list.

Doing that gives you the feeling of achievement, and lets you know that you are improving. It will motivate you to keep going,

until you exhaust the list.

Use my list as a little inspiration to create yours, or you can take mine and use as yours.

I don’t mind at all.

 For the ones which I have achieved, i will either write them as done, or share a picture of it.

Are you ready for this crazy fitness bucket list?

It will surely get your mind blown




1. Achieve my ideal weight

2. Attend the Olympics

3. Go bowling

4. Climb an indoor rock wall

5. Do a handstand without a wall

6. Do an Elbow Stand

7. Do a themed run

8. Fly a kite (Done)

9. Learn to swim

10. Go deep sea fishing

11. Go golfing

12. Do the front Splits (Done)

13. Go to the super bowl

14. Learn Archery

15. Learn Ariel movement

16. Do the Middle Splits

17. Learn pole dancing

18. Go kayaking

19. Do a backbend (Done)

20. Learn self-defense techniques

21. Learn mixed martial arts

22. Be able to touch my toes (Done)

23. Learn to roller skate

24. Learn to Play Tennis (Done)

25. Learn ice skating

26. Learn to throw a boomerang

27. Play badminton (Done)

28. Do the Pancake Stretch (Done)

 29. Ride bikes on the beach

30. Learn to shoot a gun

31. Snorkel

32. Spin a basketball on my finger

33. Take a yoga class (Done)

34. Take a Zumba class

35. Go on a yoga retreat

36. Become Very Flexible

37. Do a Pull up

38. Take a Pilates Class

39. Win a Medal (Done) College medals as a Tennis Player.


There is my fitness bucket list, and a bucket list you can try out for yourself.

One reason I love to create these lists, is to be more adventurous, to get out of my comfort zone and do things I have never tried before.

That makes you stronger and you understand yourself, your body and your limits more.

You even get to meet other people too.

I also have a list of things I would love to do and places to visit in the United States after the lockdown.

I trust you to check it out, especially if you have never been to America, like me.

There is so much to see and do.

And if you are in your twenties, this is the best time to explore and do those things.


I would love to see your lists too.

If this list gave you a little inspiration to make yours, Leave a comment below.

I want to know.

I will be publishing my other crazy and adventurous lists, so be sure to subscribe so you can get updated when I do,

and be among the first to set eyes on them.






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