7 essential skincare products you need for a flawless skin

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Summer is right around the corner and we all want to make the most out of it. Besides, summer is one of those times you get to sit around in your bikini, sunbathe, and enjoy yourself.

However, as much as we love summer, it is important to protect yourself and your skin during this season.

No one wants to walk around looking half-baked or burnt from the sun.

A nice tan is a go-to for this season, which is why I have curated this post on a few summer skincare essentials,

Which will be of great use and help in protecting your skin, as well as giving you a nice tan and glow.

I know I wouldn’t want to get burnt (it has happened before), so investing in your skincare,

Especially now, is an investment that will be of great benefit in the long run.

This is a list of essentials, (skincare for summer essentials) and which apply to anyone.

I won’t add things that are not great for you, but be sure to look at the label to know the ingredients,

And be sure you will not react to any of the items I mention.

With that said, here is the list of essential skincare products that will prepare you for the hot season.

This post contains affiliate links to products which I use and trust. Purchase from you earns me a little commission as a way of supporting this blog. See my full disclosure here for more information.

essential skincare products for every woman



Before I go into detail on these essential skincare products I want you to know something.

What is the use of me writing about essential skincare products to you, if you don’t make good use of them.?

I can go on and on about what essential skincare products will be great for you, but it will just be simple writing and will be of no value to you if you don’t take action.

I don’t want you reading this post and then closing it, only to go out in the sun and get burned.

You have to take action. Get sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, whatever it is you need, and keep your skin healthy.

Show off you’re glowing and healthy skin in a great bikini, and look your absolute best. This post won’t be of any use unless you make it useful to you. Take Action and your future self and skin will thank you.

P.S. talking about the bikini, you need to get a quality bikini, and not some one-off deal you got somewhere.

A great bikini will accentuate your curves, and you will walk into summer your full confident self.

Get quality and good bikini for yourself and be ready for summer with full force.

Shop your Quality bikini here, and they are available for any size, slim ladies, and our curvy ladies as well.

Now, onto our summer essential skincare products post.


You are going into the sun, so you have got to have this.

It is a must-have for everyone. Whether you are a man or woman, having good sunscreen will protect your skin,

From the harsh rays of the sun. Look through the Label of the sunscreen to know the ingredients first hand. And one important thing a lot of people don’t know is;

Sunscreen is to be applied every 15-30 minutes, more or less if required to keep your skin fully protected and covered.

Sunscreen is of different grades, so be sure of what you get. For me, I use SPF 15 sunscreen for my face, since my face is really sensitive,

And SPF 100 for my skin.

Both grades work for different parts of my skin, so if it is the same for you, then go ahead.

Shop for your Sunscreen here, and be sure to get one for yourself ahead of time.


A good moisturizer keeps your skin fully hydrated. In the summer, together with sunscreen,

A good moisturizer will keep your skin fully hydrated as well as protected from the sun.

In my opinion, I prefer to apply the moisturizer before going for the sunscreen to keep it as a base.

It all depends on your preference, but a good moisturizer is a must in every person’s skincare kit. Male or Female.

Shop your moisturizer here.


You may have the clearest and healthiest skin, but if your lips are chapped, it is a total turn-off.

Chapped lips do not look nice at all, no matter what anyone thinks.

They are unhealthy, and your lips break as a result.

And NO! The lipstick doesn’t help in any way (can’t believe you just asked me that). You need a moisturizing lip balm.

For ladies, we love lipstick, and the various colors available, but to be truthful, they cause your lips to break as well.

So, leave lipstick out of the question. And for God’s Sake people, STOP LICKING YOUR LIPS!!

I don’t care how sexy you think it may look, but applying saliva to your lips is even worst than lipstick. So, stop it.

Get yourself a moisturizing lip balm, one of aloe vera if you please, to give your lips that soothing effect it deserves.

well-moisturized lips are the absolute best.

So do yourself a huge favor, and get some lip balm for yourself.

Shop your moisturizing lip balm here.


The benefits of natural coconut oil on the skin, are too numerous to mention.

Some people may say that coconut oil dries up their skin, and I partially agree with you (I said partially).

However, for others, coconut oil is the best thing their skin has ever seen. Just like my skin.

I prefer coconut oil because it is natural, organic, doesn’t contain any extra chemical that may be harmful to your skin,

And they smell great. Makes you smell like coconut sometimes (lol)

For the summer, I prefer applying natural coconut oil to the skin, rather than lotion or whatever is in that tube.

Your skin will smell great, look fresher, and feel smooth with coconut oil.

So, get some for yourself. And shop your natural coconut oil here.


Rosewater spray is also an essential tool for your skincare. Rosewater has a lot of benefits.

It soothes, refreshes, hydrates, and rejuvenates your skin.

I love to apply rose water to my face at night before I go to sleep, and also in the morning after I wash my face.

For the summer, a rosewater spray is an essential tool for your skincare box or fridge, whichever one you have.

And a lot of rosewater sprays are 100% natural and organic, so go for those instead.

Get your organic rose water spray here.


I choose to make serum optional because not everyone needs to apply a serum on their face.

A serum can be used for brightening the face, and I used one when my face lost its color and looked and felt dull.

If your skin is fine and doesn’t look dull, then you may not need a serum at all.

However, if you feel your face deserves a little brightness and shine, then a serum is going to be fine.

Note that I don’t recommend a serum for everyone, as some can react to it.

Shop your skin serum here.


Toner is an optional essential skincare product as well.

I used a toner when I had discoloration on my face. I tried two toners. The first one, caused serious red bumps on my face, while the second gave my face the glow it needed.

So, right now, you can guess the one I use.

The key to using a toner is knowing your skin type (something I learned late), so you won’t suffer as I did.

A toner helps to fight skin discoloration and tone your skin.

Knowing your skin type is key here, and knowing what you react to as well.

So, you can get your toners here, and make sure you chose one which is great for your skin.

This is a basic list of some of the skincare essentials you need for summer. It may not be for summer alone,

But you can add them to your skincare fridge or box.

Just know that to get the glowing skin you always want; you have to put in the work to get it.

Your skin is a part of your appearance, so you have to take good care of it.

Remember, that you are treated how you treat yourself.

So, take care of yourself, take care of your skin, and the change you are looking for will happen to you.

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Stay Strong,


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  1. Deanna May 17, 2021 at 9:27 pm

    Sunscreen is so important! I never used to think I needed it *eye roll* but like a million sunburns later I realized I DO need it haha. I wear it pretty much everyday now!

    1. Emmanuella Ndukwe May 18, 2021 at 11:24 am

      They are literally my number thing for my skin.

  2. Alita Pacio May 19, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    We all need this for our skin, especially moisturizers for winter

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