Consistent Habits every person should have in their lives (Plus a free habit tracker)

consistent habits you need to make your life better
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Your lifestyle, your routine, and the life you have created for yourself today are a result of the consistent habits you have been practicing in your life.

The habits you have are a result of your actions over a long period, and if you want good habits, then you need to evaluate your actions and find the ones that add value to your life.

However, some habits should be a part of your daily routine, and that you need in your life consistently.

This post will show you some of those consistent habits, which when practiced over a long period, yield the best results.

These habits become a part of your routine, and you will see yourself changing in good ways, faster than you ever thought was possible

And if you have a little problem with the topic of habits, make sure you check my other article on how to create good habits for the long run.

It is a recommended read and a valuable resource that will educate you on how you can create new habits for your routine and your lifestyle.

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There is so much I want to show you and tell you that will have a great impact on your life, so make sure you join the community.

And with that said, allow me to show you some consistent habits which you should have in your life.




You want something. You want it so badly that you start questioning yourself about why you don’t have it and others do.

Maybe it’s money, wealth, fame, luxury, living in a beautiful city, and so on. You do this, and you forget to be grateful for what you already have.

Being grateful doesn’t mean that you forgo what you want and settle for less, rather, you appreciate what you already have,

But still, feel the hunger for more and work for it. With gratitude, you are aware of what you have, and what you are lacking.

You appreciate what you have, and also prepare yourself for more action to get more. You still feel the hunger for more, even if you already have some.

That’s is the key to gratitude. Having this consistent habit of being grateful and appreciative, allows you to see the world differently.

You know you can always get more and you are grateful for how far you have come in your journey.



Does your mind waver all the time? Sometimes you are still and certain crazy thoughts come into your head that you cannot control,

And you feel that it is the way it is? Well, it’s time you snap out of it, and start being mindful.

Not just being mindful of your thinking and your mind, but being mindful of your environment, the food they eat,

What you drink, how your body functions, how you talk to people, and so on. Practicing mindfulness makes you one with your body, mind, and soul.

Form the habit of being in the present. What are you eating? How does the food taste? What nutritional value is the food to you?

What are you drinking and so on? For your mind, you can take a few minutes to meditate and calm your mind.

If you don’t control your mind, your mind will, in turn, control you and will leave you helpless to whatever goes in there.

And you know that your thoughts are a reflection of your action. So if you want to achieve more, form the habit of controlling your thoughts,

Through mindfulness and meditation, make it a consistent practice, and your actions will reflect on them.



create the consistent habits of taking green juice every morning

And by this, I do mean taking veggies, green juice smoothies (not the sugary kind), and making sure you have green in your meal.

Now, why is this important?

Because you need to treat your body like what it truly is, A MACHINE, and I’m sure you won’t fuel your machine with trash right?

So don’t do the same with your body. Your body is a machine, and for it to function properly, you need to fuel it properly.

If you were looking for a sign to drop those cupcakes and donuts, this is it.

Adding a portion of greens to your food or drink daily, boosts your immune system, giving your body the fuel it needs to pump blood and keep it alive daily.

If you don’t have time to cook so much and feel that you can’t add it to your food, don’t you worry about that,

Because there are plenty of ways to add green to your body.

Why don’t you drink your greens? Yes, it is quicker, and often the most preferred way, for those who don’t like to chew it.

Put it in your smoothies with your food, or even better, get yourself a supply of Athletic Greens. What is this?

Athletic green products allow you to take it so many nutrients through their green powder, from just a single scoop.

I drink this every morning before breakfast, and it gives my body all the nutrients it needs to start the day.

So, if eating your greens isn’t for you, then dry glass of athletic greens daily. Form a consistent habit of adding greens to your body.



Exercise will always be no 1 on my list, because you get to move your body, in any way you want.

Do you like to cycle, swim, jog, lift weights, run, stretch, and hike or perform any form of body movement? Then good for you because your body will thank you.

Everyone needs to move, including yourself. So, if you are constantly on the couch or in a sedentary position all the time,

Consider this your cue to start getting some movement in you. Whatever it is you like, just do it.

How do you know what you like? By trying different things. Try jogging, and if you find it hectic, maybe try hiking?

I recently fell in love with jump rope, and now I do that every morning before jogging. I love it so I don’t see it as work,

Instead, as something I enjoy. So, find something that works for you and work with it, and with time,

You may find more and more that you enjoy and then working out or exercising will be among the list of things you love doing,

And it will be among the list of life-changing habits you are happy you picked up.



Believe it or not, this is a habit that a lot of people lack, and in various areas of their lives. You make a plan, you see yourself doing it,

You start working. 1-month passes, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and you don’t see yourself making thousands of dollars, or making a big impact,

Then you decide to quit, after an entire year of work, just because you didn’t see what you expected, without realizing that the majority of progress, comes from years and years of discipline and hard work.

Ask yourself this question, “Has there been any plan or goal which I put forward, started, and didn’t finish?”

Whatever your answer is, analyses why you didn’t continue on that part.

You may have overestimated what you can do in a year, and underestimated what you can do in 10 years.

When you do this, you work on a plan and then stop halfway, quitting. This is one of those habits that need to be thrown away.

Although it is important to know when to stop and follow a different route, that doesn’t mean you should completely stop.

The goal is the same, but the road to get there will always change, with time, technology, and the growth of the world.

You need to practice self-discipline and self-motivation, so you can keep going and working on your goal.

Besides, you have come too far, so why quit now?



the consistent habits of learning and learning how to learn

One of the best skills a person can have is the ability to learn how to learn. Understanding how you learn and assimilate knowledge,

Will give you a huge edge, and allow you to learn faster and quicker. A lot of people do not know how to learn,

And think the only way of learning is by going to school, sitting in a class, memorizing what the teacher said, and regurgitating what was said back to the teacher during the exam.

That is far from it. You need to learn how to learn, and how do you do this? By trial and error. There are so many ways for you to learn today:

  • Reading Books (Here are a few books to get you started)
  • Listening to audiobooks
  • Podcasts (There is a podcast for any subject you want to learn)
  • Watch YouTube videos (it’s time you cut down on the TikTok compilations you watch)
  • Read Valuable articles and Blog posts (Just like this one, and you can show your support by subscribing to the newsletter)
  • And so much more
  • Take courses (sites like udemy, skillshare and masterclass and great places to look at)

The way people learn and educate themselves has changed over the last 30 years, and it has never been as easy as it is today.

Don’t stand on the sidelines waiting, instead get into action, be on the offense and not the defense, and get into action.

Choose to form the various habits of learning, and learning at fast paces. Turn your knowledge into action and be rewarded for it.



First of all, being able to communicate i.e. listen and talk is a skill that a lot of people do not possess,

Or think they do, but realize that they don’t. Learning how to communicate and listen to people doesn’t mean you have to be completely quiet and let them ramble on and on,

It simply means that you listen, not intending to respond, but to understand what that person is saying,

And speak accordingly, so they know their voice is being heard, and most of the time, you will even get to talk more than you think.

But don’t go out of line here, stay on point in the conversation and try not to make it all about you,

Because everybody cares about themselves and no one else, including you.

You may know the word “GHOSTING’ but have you tried to understand what it means and why people do it.

When people ghost others, they simply lack the social skills and ability to have a conversation with that person, so instead, it is deemed better to ignore that person,

Whereas, it is worse. If you are fond of ghosting people or know someone who does,

They simply lack social skills, skills that are important in the world today and are of high value, but luckily, such a skill can be learned.

The book How to win friend and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, shows you and gives you the tools you need to start making better conversation.

Grab this book, read it and implement what is given in the book, and improve your social and communication skills.

Make it consistent habits to communicate better and listen to others.



For some reason, the phrase ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ has stopped people from releasing their inner child of curiosity in the world.

Curiosity will not kill you, instead, curiosity keeps you wanting to learn more, know more, achieve more, have more goals,

And look further than anyone else. If you have been around children a lot, you will see that curios spark still alive inside of them,

It’s there and they ask so many questions, no matter how dumb, crazy, or reasonable the question might be.

They just want to know. But as we grow older, we lose that spark and fall into the dark cloud of the corporate world as society expects.

It is time you break out of that shell and look into the light. Be curious again. Make this a part of the consistent habits you have of being curious.

Know more, learn more, adapt, grow and change and make the world your oyster. Don’t let anyone who tells you curiosity killed the cat bring you down.

Just reply ‘I AIN’T NO DAMN CAT’




When you decide to grow, get out of your comfort zone and become more than you are, you are going to be scared.

So scared that you may think of going back into the shell, DON’T. That is the time when you grow and adapt.

You grow, adapt change and you make mistakes. Are those mistakes yours, or will you blame it on someone, or the government, or a mythical force that doesn’t want you to succeed?

Taking responsibility for your actions is a sign of growth and maturity and that you know what got you into the mistake, and how you can get out.

So, get up, clean your feet and get back to work. You know how you got in and you know exactly how to get out.

Wear your big boy or big girl pants, and take responsibility for your actions.



This is my no 10 because I have realized that a lot of people hold grudges from years in their minds and their hearts.

How do you expect to find peace when you have a burden holding you down? It is not an easy thing to do,

And I understand. I held grudges with people and it weighed me down badly, that I couldn’t concentrate properly without thinking about what happened in the past,

Then I decided to let it go, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Whatever is holding you down or back, make it a habit to forgive. I don’t mean you should forget what happened, but forgive yourself and forgive them,

You will break those chains of grudges by doing that, and freeing yourself of any burden you may be carrying.

If you need to go to therapy, then do it. It is good for your body and your soul and you will thank yourself for these consistent habits you have formed in your life.




This list may be a small one because there are so many habits you need in your life, but I simply covered the basics which will have a long effect on you in the long run

It is a valuable resource that will help you in the topic of habits and how to create good ones for your life and to improve your lifestyle.

Make sure you look through this list and even bookmark this post for future references, when you need to learn more and understand,

Because anytime you look at this post, there will always be something new and valuable for you in here.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and make sure to check out other posts and articles. This site is filled with so many valuable resources,

That will help you in your journey to creating the life that you want. Apply these habits and create consistent habits to improve your life and lifestyle


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