6 incredible books for millennials to read

books for millennials for their reading pleasure
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books for millennials to read and enjoy
Books every millennial in their twenties must read

It is the information age and the age of millennials (the new generation) and there are so many resources such as books that we can use, especially for millennials to read.

With the vast growth in technology, there is no excuse, and now,

Ignorance is a choice.

It is so true, because we have access to so much information, at the tips of our fingers, but it is up to us what we do with such information.

One of my favorite ways of getting so much information at once is by reading books.

Books are an amazing thing to read, and even though there are e-books now, I can proudly tell you, that nothing beats the feel of a hardcopy book in your hand.

But anyway, hard or soft copy, books are filled with so much information, and the more you read, the more things you are exposed to, mentally.

I had built a habit of reading at least one book a month, and with time, I will increase the number of books to more a month and you, as a millennial, it is your choice whether to gain that information yourself or relax and be sucked into the crazy world,

that things that reading is so old school. Because no matter what, reading a book can never die out.

This list of books every millennial must read is based on different aspects of life, like finances, love, mindset, self-help, and more.

There are millions, but I will simply give you a few which you can start reading and give your mindset a reboot.

You will need a copy of these books.

Trust me, these books for the millennials are worth every read and worth your money.


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  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. 101 Secrets for your Twenties
  3. Think and Grow Rich
  4. Cash Flow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s guide to Financial Freedom
  5. How to win Friends and Influence People
  6. The Intelligent Investor


Now that I have covered the books every millennial must read, let me give you a summary of these books,

and how it will benefit you and me as Millennials.

Remember, in this day and age, Ignorance is a choice, and it is one which you can decide not to make, or decide to make.


This is the No 1 best-selling book on finance, and the book is so interesting, and simplified, that everyone who reads it understands seamlessly.

I read this book a few months ago, and I got an insight into how money works, and the game of money.

He breaks down the principles, in which his rich dad i.e. his mentor taught him about money, and I believe that these principles of money,

will be of great use to us millennials.

His book contains information about money that you cannot get by simply going through google.

Why? Because he teaches from his experiences.

You have got to read this book. I loved it and I am sure you will too.


The majority of us millennials are in our twenties, and sometimes the big 20, can come as both a thing of joy and a thing of sorrow.

When I hit the big 20, I realized that I honestly didn’t have a direction in my life, and had a slight panic.

But seeing I am here, and writing to you, means that there is a plan in place, one which I intend to follow, and you can too.

This book shows 101 secrets of your twenties, and it opens your eyes to the fact that you don’t need to panic,

but take a breather, calm down and sort yourself out.

I love this book so much because it breaks myths about people in their twenties, and also how you can make the most of it.

It is a must-have for people in their twenties, and you should get your copy of this incredible must-read book today.


The title of the book says to think and grow rich, not work hard and become rich. Why?

Because the creation of wealth starts in your mind first.

Think and grow rich, which shows you how you can start building wealth in your mind first. Wealth starts in your mindset because if you condition your mind to wealth first,

you will not see wealth in your bank balance.

This is a must-read, and make sure you follow all the principles stated out in the book, from the first one which is Desire, to others like;

Faith, Autosuggestion, Persistence, and more are stated in the book.

I don’t want to be a spoiler, but get yourself a copy and set your mind to Think and Grow Rich.


The cash flow quadrant is book two of the rich dad series, with the first being rich dad, poor dad.

This book shows you the 4 different quadrants in the business world, and simply put, they are:

  • The employee
  • The self-employed and specialist
  • The business owner
  • The investor

He shows the difference between all four, differences in their way of thinking and seeing money. Plus, he shows the difference between a small business and a big business.

You will love this book so much, especially if you want to move from being a small business owner to a big business owner.

Every millennial needs this book, so you can know which quadrant you are and if you want to switch, which quadrant you should switch to.

Get your copy of the book and see for yourself, where you currently are in the business world.


Dale Carnegie is one of the world’s most renowned self-help authors and teachers because his teaching has helped thousands of people shape their life’s,

and make the most out of their lives with the little they might have.

Recently, I finished this book, and I realized the mistakes I make when talking to people and have made a decision,

that following the principles in this book, I will do better.

I highly recommend this book, because as the title says, ‘how to win friends and influence people, this book will show you exactly how to do that.

Millennials, get this rich and wisdom-filled book, and shape your way of thinking and speaking.


This book is popularly known as the Bible of Value Investing.


Because this book shows you what value investing is, especially investing in value stocks, and how to make an unlimited return from your investment.

It also explains how you can set aside your emotions when it comes to investing because if you look at investors,

they are one of the most logical people you will ever meet. You might even think that they lack emotion of any sort.

They simply know how to control it, and know that when it comes to investing, you have got to push your emotions aside.

Get your copy of this book and start thinking and acting like a true value investor.



Build your wealth and gain financial freedom.

These 6 books for millennials to read are all set to change and improve the mindset of all millennials and twentysomethings.

I assure you that these books are worth every penny you will spend on them. I know this because I have every book mentioned,

and read through it as often as I can to get the principles and words of wisdom ingrained in my memory.

Books are a great tool of information, and the sooner you get all this information and more in your brain and working for you,

the more you think like a champion, grow like a beast, and become Rich.

I hope this post helps you and guides you in picking out the next book for your collection.

Read and grow intellectually, and be sure to leave a comment below about these books, and if you have any book you need to share with me,

Please do so in the comment below.

I would love to see them.

Tell me some of the books you will recommend for millennials. 

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  1. Alita Pacio May 4, 2021 at 8:01 am

    These are all great books. My favorite is Rich dad, Poor dad. Thanks for sharing this list

    1. Emmanuella Ndukwe May 4, 2021 at 12:29 pm

      Rich Dad Poor Dad really is an Amazing Book.

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